Conversation 1
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Conversation 1

A: _______1_______ B: Good morning. Could I speak to Jane Lewis, please? A: _______2_______ B: Lesley Winwood. A: _______3_______ B: She said she'd be in all morning. A: _______4_______ C: Jane Lewis. B: _______5_______ C: Ah yes, it's about... Conversation 2 D: Carl Anderson. E: _______6_______ D: Lindberg, did you say? E: _______7_______ D: There's no one here by that name. E: _______8_______ D: Yes, this is 08 46 46 24. E: _______9_______ D: That's all right.

Yes, that's right.

You asked me to call as soon as possible.

Hold the line, please, and I'll see if she's in.

Who's calling, please?

Oh, isn't there? Could I check the number?

Could I speak to Mrs Lindberg, please?

Right, I can connect you now.

Reynolds Bicycles, good morning.

Oh, I'm sorry. I must have dialled the wrong number.

2.3. (16 x 2 points) Below you will see parts of three letters answering an enquiry. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B … or P) in the boxes.

additional features competitive price date doing business enclosed leaflet enquiring enquiry full details further details hesitate In addition in production pleasure range sincerely supply


Dear Ms Prentice

Thank you for your __(1)__ of 3rd May about our office stationery.

We have __(2)__ in enclosing our latest catalogue and price list. We hope you will find it of interest.

If you require any __(3)__, please do not __(4)__ to contact us.

Yours __(5)__.


Thank you for your letter of January 4th, asking about office furniture.

The enclosed catalogue contains __(6)__ of our range. In most cases we are able to __(7)__ you with the goods you require within fourteen days.

We look forward to receiving an order from you.


Thank you for your letter of 1st June, __(8)__ about the JF72 pocket


This model is no longer __(9)__ as it has been superseded by the JF73

solar-powered pocket calculator. As you will see from the __(10)__, the new model has several __(11)__ at an extremely __(12)__.

We have also enclosed our latest catalogue giving details of the vast __(13)__ of electronic goods we supply.

We allow a discount of 30% on purchases of not less than 50 of the same model, and 35% on quantities of not less than 100. __(14)__, we give a discount of 3% for payment within fourteen days from __(15)__ of invoice.

We look forward to __(16)__ with you in the near future.

1. 9. 2. 10. 3. 11. 4. 12. 5. 13. 6. 14. 7. 15. 8. 16.

Points) You have lost your pocket calculator, and you want to order a new one. You need to make a written request to your Supervisor, Ann Ray.

Write a memorandum to her

A. saying that you need a replacement

B. explaining what happened to the old one

C. asking her to approve the request.

Write about 15-20 words.

TO:Ann Ray Equipment requisition form ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Points) Read the text below about handling complaints. Translate the text into Russian.

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